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Welcome to our December OUR NEWS – the final newsletter for 2022

We are delighted to bring you OUR NEWS for November.

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As part of Operation Snap, members of the public can report and submit digital footage showing potential moving traffic offences.

Ten golden rules to prevent fraud

Remember these ten golden rules to help you prevent fraud and beat the scammers.

·  Be suspicious of all ‘too good to be true’ offers and deals. There are no guaranteed get-rich-quick schemes.

·  Don’t agree to offers or deals immediately. Insist on time to get independent or legal advice before making a decision.

·  Don’t hand over money or sign anything until you’ve checked someone’s credentials and their company’s.

·  Never send money to anyone you don’t know or trust, whether in the UK or abroad, or use methods of payment you’re not comfortable with.

·  Never give banking or personal details to anyone you don’t know or trust. This information is valuable so make sure you protect it.

·  Always log on to a website directly rather than clicking on links in an email.

·  Don’t just rely on glowing testimonials. Find solid, independent evidence of a company’s success.

·  Always get independent or legal advice if an offer involves money, time or commitment.

·  If you spot a scam or have been scammed, report it and get help.

·  Don’t be embarrassed about reporting a scam. Because the scammers are cunning and clever there’s no shame in being deceived. By reporting it, you’ll make it more difficult for them to deceive others.


Telephone Scams

Your bank or the police will never ring and ask you to verify your PIN, withdraw cash or purchase high-value goods. They’ll also never come to your home to collect your card, cash or purchased items. If you get a call like this, end the call. If you get a call from your bank or the police, make sure you know who the person is before handing over any personal details. You can do this by calling your bank (the number on the back of your card) or the police (101) on a different phone line. To get a different line, use a phone owned by a family member, friend or neighbour. This is because scammers can keep phone lines open after pretending to hang up. So while you think you’re making a new phone call, the line is still open to the scammer, who pretends to be someone from your bank or the police. Depending on your bank, the security questions they ask may be different, but they’ll never ask you to authorise anything by entering your PIN into your phone.



If you think you’ve uncovered a scam, been targeted by a scam or fallen victim to fraudsters, contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or at https://www.actionfraud.police.uk/reporting-fraud-and-cyber-crime

Call us on 101 if you know the suspect or they’re still in the area.

Reporting crime, including fraud, is important. If you don’t tell the authorities, how do they know it’s happened and how can they do anything about it?

Remember that if you’re a victim of a scam or an attempted scam, however minor, there may be hundreds or thousands of others in a similar position. Your information may form part of one big jigsaw and be vital to completing the picture.



Welcome to the April edition of OUR NEWS. Whilst crime prevention is a key driver for Neighbourhood Watch, we have been uniquely embedded in communities for 40 strong years, perfectly positioning us as a gateway between individuals and the support they need to enable them and their communities to thrive.

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