Community Messaging Service, how to register

The new Community Messaging Service is now live and anyone can go on and register for messages.  Everyone getting Watch messages at the moment will get an invitation to register, then the old Watch system will disappear.  You can choose what to receive (SNT Crime messages, Horsewatch, Business Watch, Canal Watch, Farm Watch and so on) and how often you want the messages (immediate, daily, weekly or monthly roundup).  For SNT you can go down to local level, eg Southam for us, but for instance Horsewatch is county wide and some others are police area wide eg North or South Warks.  You can pick and mix.  Start here:

Once you enter your email and say you are not a robot you will receive an email with a Pin number and link to enter, then you can choose a password and go on to choose your messages and frequency.  Every year you will get reminders to verify you are still there.  You can also stop the messages temporarily for holidays etc without losing your settings.

Napton NHW wishes to encourage everyone to register.

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