Volunteer Transport Scheme


Southam Town Council Volunteer Transport Scheme exists to provide essential journeys for Southam residents. Recently Napton Parish Council have agreed to contribute to the administration cost of running this service so that residents in Napton can benefit. Volunteers use their own cars to take people to and from hospital, GP and other medical appointments. Drivers are paid expenses for the journey and charge 0.45p per mile.

For Napton residents, if you have a Bus Pass, the journey will be free and the drivers will be paid by Napton Townlands (you will only have to pay any car park charges) if you do not have a bus pass then a mileage charge of 0.45ppm will apply.

This is a vital service for people in the local community who are disadvantaged through disability or lack of alternative transport. The scheme office is situated in the Grange Hall Southam , manned by volunteers and open M – F 10.00am – 12 noon. Journeys can be booked by calling 01926 815817 or visiting the office.

If you live in Napton and struggle to get to medical appointment  why not book a volunteer driver by calling 01926 815817 Monday – Friday 10.00am – 12 noon.