Emergency Contact Disc

Along with our Christmas Newsletter every household in Napton received a Emergency Contact Disc to use as an alternative to the Tax Disc on a vehicle.  The Warwickshire Police and West Mercia Police are pleased to announce the launch of our tax disc replacement, the Emergency Contact Disc.

The Emergency Contact Disc contains next of kin contact details and medical alert information for the driver. In the event of a medical emergency or road traffic collision that renders the occupants unable to communicate, a first responder will be able to obtain vital information that is not otherwise accessible at the scene.

The disc can be cut out and placed into the now otherwise redundant tax disc holder, the information sections fold inwards so it would not be viewed by passers by.

PC Dave Wise, the West Mercia officer behind the idea said;” The information within the disc could be vital to save lives or quickly locate a casualty’s next of kin, something that can be time consuming at the scene of a serious incident”

All information is optional and the blank discs can be used to add customised information, or attach a passport photo to help link the information to the right person. If there is more than one regular driver or even regular passengers, consider printing multiple discs and add a photo or description of each person. The Emergency Contact Disc can be used alongside existing medical alert products like bracelets and necklaces.”

PC Wise added “If people have concerns about security of information, they can omit certain details. We would advise that if the next of kin address is the same as the driver’s address, it may be sensible to leave this portion blank” 

“The information within the disc would give little or no information away that could aid potential criminals and any slight risk is far outweighed by the benefits“.