Crime & Police News February 2016

Click on the link here for the February 2016 Southam SNT Police News.  Also see below for an invitation to join Action Fraud and take the survey.

Neighbourhood Watch are working with the Home Office, VISAV and Action Fraud to help pilot a new way of targeting crime prevention advice particularly about cyber-crime and fraud.

The project was developed from a piece of Home Office research (The Public Interventions Model) which we have developed with the Home Office and VISAV into an operational model which we call the segmentation model.

On Tuesday Action Fraud sent the message out to 252,770 registered users and within 24 hours 27,644 had undertaken the self-assessment. This equates to 11% which is a great initial response rate.

By Friday, Feb 12 more than 33,000 users had taken the survey – a fantastic first week!

Not all of these people are Neighbourhood Watch members so we are asking for this to be cascaded even further by including this link in messages.

Also the latest from Warwick Trading Standards:

Copycat websites, bogus versions of genuine Government websites that were leading some consumers to pay more for services that would typically cost less or be entirely free (passport, driving license, EHIC etc.) appear to have turned to new tactics to target residents!

Following enforcement action, arrests and cooperation with the large internet search engine websites, these copycat websites are appearing less and less in Internet searches and this appears to have led some copycat website owners to target residents directly via the post.

One Warwickshire resident reported receiving a letter that looked like it could have been sent from the County Council requesting that he renew his Blue Badge at a cost of £49. The letter directed him to a copycat website. The genuine cost of Blue Badge renewal is only £10.

Marketing lists, with the names and addresses of people who have purchased disability/mobility related products in the past are easily purchased, so it would not be difficult for someone to target residents who are likely to possess a Blue Badge.

More on copycat websites

10/02/2016 Like brushing your teeth with bleach!

Over 15,000 teeth whitening products, some containing extremely high levels of hydrogen peroxide (bleach) have been seized by Warwickshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service. Find out more.

09/02/2016 Your parcel has been seized scam

Action Fraud are reporting an increase in complaints from consumers who received an official looking email to say that their parcel has been seized by HMRC at point of entry to the UK.  The email falsely claims to have been sent by Royal Mail. It contains a link to a document which installs malware onto the user’s computer, designed to obtain account information, passwords and email addresses.

NEVER click on or open attachments in unsolicited or suspicious looking emails. ALWAYS keep you computer systems updated and ensure you have appropriate anti-virus software on your computer or device.

09/02/2016 Text scam warning

Warwickshire residents are warned to beware of spoof text messages which falsely purport to come from their bank or a Government department or service. Fraudsters use specialist software to change the caller ID, making a genuine telephone number appear on the recipients mobile phone, even though the text is being sent by criminals. These bogus texts often claim that there has been suspicious activity on the recipient’s account or that their account details need to be ‘updated’ or ‘verified’. Consumers may then be directed to bogus websites where personal or financial information, passwords and other data is stolen, or asked to text back account details and passwords!

If you are ever asked to contact your bank or a Government departments via text or email, NEVER follow a link in a text message or email or text back directly. ALWAYS access bank and Government Services using publicly listed telephone numbers and web addresses.

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