Neighbourhood Development Plan

Neighbourhhod Development Plan

In March 2017 the Parish Council agreed to undertake a Neighbourhood Development Plan for Napton. This will build on the earlier Parish Plan and will set out a long term vision for the community for the next 20 years.

If you want to know more or are interested in being involved please contact Jayne Warman Parish Clerk on




Parish Plan 2007 

May I welcome you to this the second Parish Plan that I have been personally involved with as a Councillor for Napton. Having been born and educated in the village and served for a number of years on the Council I have come to recognise the importance of this document to the District Council. I feel that the Plan is vitally important to the residents of the Parish in that their thoughts and ideas can be registered with the District Council and taken notice of. The Parish Plan is a result of much hard and diligent work by the Parish Plan Steering Group on behalf of the Parish Council. It is the product of wide consultation via the parish plan questionnaire of 2005 as well as public meetings and surveys of other interest groups. This ensures that the views of the community are taken into account in any future developments within the Parish. It will help us to protect what we believe is important in our daily lives and will assist us in informing the District Council Planning Committee of the views of the community when they are considering future planning matters. Not only does it help us to understand the current and future housing needs of the community but it also identifies aspects of the village heritage and culture that need to be protected for future years. The Parish Plan considers the views of all the community on such diverse subjects as traffic management, highways, footpaths, drainage and other matters relating to the village. It can help activity groups to understand the current needs of the community so enabling them to better provide facilities and opportunities in the future. Chairman of Napton-on-the-Hill Parish Council

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